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Friday, February 19, 2010

Just in the nick of time

I felt myself slide to my old self (you know the procrastination thing).

We had a busy week here at Liberty Bell Quilts, there is a great sale going on. Sale you say!?!?!?!? Yupper Doodles, I say ( if you are on our email list Judy sent out an email with a great coupon). Being slightly psychic (not psycho) I knew you are wondering how to get on that great email list. Just go to our website and click on sign up for newsletter. Not only will you get news of what is going in Cedar but you automatically get a free pattern. WOW (this does not stand for white on white but rather makes a comment on getting free things.)

See everyone next week. It's Mckenna Ryan Club Friday night and Dear Jane on Saturday (26th and 27th of February).

Keep in touch....


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