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Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm back from my STAYCATION!

I am glad to be back at work. When you are on a "Stay"cation (a vacation only you stay at home) you feel every kind of guilt just laying around. Add in that your daughter had surgery and calls every morning with her pain report, now you have real guilt.

My dear sweet child (34 year old) is doing better. She had no early morning pain report today, she is healing nicely and will be back to her funny self soon.

Now on to new things at the store. New magazines are in (I am a magazine addict) MaryJanes Farm, Piecework, Needle Pulling Thread, Designs in Machine Embroidery, and Fall/Winter 2010 Quilt Sampler. We are also expecting the Farmer's Wife CD (not to be confused with the CD in the back of the book) today. Enjoy the weekend in the sun reading about your favorite hobbies. See you soon!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Amazing Quilt Race of 2010 was AMAZING!

The Amazing Quilt Race of 2010 in Northern Michigan has come to an end. The participants were eager quilters and seamstress' with a passion for fiber. We met many new people from close and far even a group who shop hopped in a limo (talk about going in style).

We had a great looking cashier (Judy is good looking too!!!!). I was not allowed to boss Ted (my hubby) around (according to Judy) for which I tried not to (vain effort).

Now we are on to our fall schedule of classes and events. Keep tabs on us, we will be having plenty of fun activities planned. This next week we are just going to rest and enjoy being Liberty Bell Quilt Shop in Cedar, Michigan.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wow talk about an event !!!

What a night we had. We had food galore (cheese cake need I say more), Shirley Temple's (which are naturally non-alcoholic) , some wonderful cheese spreads, cheese, crackers, bread and rum cake (which did have alcohol in it). A special thank you to all our fabulous friends for suppling such a feast and helping to make this event the success it was.

Amy Barickman brought us some samples made from her new book Vintage Notions. If that wasn't enough inspiration she talked about why she wrote the book and how Mary Brooks Picken's inspired generations of women in the "Domestic Arts and Sciences". Amy's new book is not set to be released until September but we were lucky to have them first (we have five signed copies left). Amy was a wonderful guest and a joy to talk to.

Did any of you happen to catch Liberty Bell Quilts owner, Judy Bell on TV 7 & 4? She was fantastic and looked great in Indigo Junction's (Amy Barickman founded this pattern company)

Well that is about all for today, back to putting the store back in order and getting ready for the shop hop in a week. Yikes!!!!