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Friday, February 19, 2010

Just in the nick of time

I felt myself slide to my old self (you know the procrastination thing).

We had a busy week here at Liberty Bell Quilts, there is a great sale going on. Sale you say!?!?!?!? Yupper Doodles, I say ( if you are on our email list Judy sent out an email with a great coupon). Being slightly psychic (not psycho) I knew you are wondering how to get on that great email list. Just go to our website and click on sign up for newsletter. Not only will you get news of what is going in Cedar but you automatically get a free pattern. WOW (this does not stand for white on white but rather makes a comment on getting free things.)

See everyone next week. It's Mckenna Ryan Club Friday night and Dear Jane on Saturday (26th and 27th of February).

Keep in touch....


Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010 in D.C.

Because I am a native of Michigan (where it has never been necessary to title a snow storm) I never experienced the total panic a snow storm could cause. There were lines around the block to get into Whole Foods. People were buying up all the toilet paper they could manage to get into their carts (really how much toilet paper does a person stock up?) I managed to survive and get a flight out of Reagan International (even though the airports were closed for 2 days). I had a great visit with my daughter, niece, nephew in law, and Grand niece (the true reason for visiting). Snow days ahhhhhhh!!!!!! now that is what we need here in Michigan.

While I was gone Liberty Bell Quilts was getting the best new fabric (I truly hate being gone when the boxes come in) The picture shows the new American Jane fabric line called A Breath of Avignon. If you want to see up close and web-personal go to the Moda site, look down in what's new for February. Better yet why not come on out for a visit. We have other new arrivals Amy Butler's Love Home Dec fabric and Benetex sent us a beautiful Tuscan inspired fabric line called Ravello

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Year - same procrastination tendencies

Well we are well into 2010. I know I know last post was Thanksgiving. Really I must have a serious chat with myself. Melissa our yarn neighbor next door said she would help me by telling me it is Monday and time to blog. Not so bad really, it is Tuesday and I am blogging. Baby Steps....procrastination is a long word.

What's new? you ask. Well we have Lakehouse's new line by Holly Holderman, Tea Time Floral III. Do you enjoy soft florals? Does the color of blue in the lightest shade rock your boat? This collection is for you.

I am heading to our nation's capital for a week. I hope to take in the American History Museum. I'll take lots of pics and share with you.

Don't forget to sign up as a follower (it makes me feel good to see my friends).

Off to D.C.