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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning....

Myth: To be organized means to be neat or tidy.  There are a huge percentage of people who are neat but extremely disorganized.

Truth:  To be organized means  1) You get everything done when it is due.  2) You find everything easily when needed.

You know that spring is here because at Liberty Bell Quilts things are dusted, moved around, and organized.  I’ve always felt that spring cleaning has not been accomplished unless you track down every dust bunny whether it is under, over or behind something else.  Take great care those sneaky elusive bunnies could be stalking you as you’re reading this.  Judy and I made great strides in making the store look “Spring Like”.  Come in check us out!

I’ve even started redoing my sewing room at home.  While I was away this winter, my husband put new laminate (looks like wood but you know it isn’t) floor in our upstairs office and sewing room.  Well that meant he took everything off the shelves, off the floor, and even off the tables.  He moved them from one side to the other side.  When I came home nothing (I mean nothing) was where it was before.  So I convinced myself this was a good time to reorganize, paint, make new drapes and get new storage furniture for my “Studio”.    The hardest part was to convince my husband  of this need.  The painting is done, the storage furniture is all put together, and the unwanted craft supplies, ugly fabric, useless tools and unwanted books have been taken to Good Will. Now I just have to refold all my fabrics and make those new shelves look like I am in a “Studio”.  I will post pictures when there looks like improvements were made.

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