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Monday, March 12, 2012

I am back...

Well officially I was back from Thailand 3 weeks ago. My body clock has made the change from night to day, I'm not having the "stuck in an airplane for 17 hours" nitemare, and the I hope I can eat this crap. I am feeling the loss I feel from not having a 2 year old waking me up with "Poopa, are you sleeping?". On the other hand I feel blessed to listen to everyone speaking English, I love giving my husband a real hug, I love the new dog we got while I was away, I love that I can see my kids anytime I want, and being back among my friends. I am back to work at the quilt store.

We are doing the famous March spring cleaning. Getting ready for all the new and wonderful.

This Saturday is National Quilting Day. We will be celebrating by making a pincushion during open sew from 1-4.

So come in and enjoy a day to celebrate that we are quiltersT

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