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Friday, April 17, 2009

A week in review...

Oh yea it happened, I lost my voice. Well not all of my voice but enough to screw up my singing. My son and Melissa (Inish Knits) share April 13th as their birthdays. So I did my duty and sang the entire Happy Birthday song to both of them. K.C. recognized me but Melissa wasn't sure what was coming at her from the voicemail. I do love to sing if only I could.

I thought I would update you on new info, fresh from the truck arrivals and what I finished this week. Let's begin with New Info. Judy Bell (owner of Liberty Bell Quilts) made it home for a short visit this past weekend. As many of you know her husband has had a bone marrow transplant. His blood counts are going up but he is experienceing some GVHD and breathing diffuculty. He remains in the hospital with Judy at his side. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Did I mention it was great to see Judy? She made coffee and we all know her coffee is the best in Cedar (I would like to take credit for second best coffee - CAN'T).

Here are the new arrivals. Michael Miller fabrics (which happen to be made in the USA) in 3 new collections, Andalucia, Flights of Fancy amd Farmers Market.

We also recieved a lovely collection from "In The Beginning" fabric called Annabelle (a light green, pink and dabs of blue).Mother's Day is almost here why not get Mom (yourself) a special rotary cutter, mat and Best Press (all lavendar and only $28.00 for the 3 piece set).
That is it for the new arrivals. Now on to what I got fininshed. Notice the halter in the above picture (Amy Butler's new pattern). There is a sweet summer skirt made out of the
Andalucia line put this skirt with a cute T-shirt and you are ready for a summer stroll. I also made a grocery bag for Earth Day next week (25% off Sale Room Fabric on April 22). The 6 Hour Quilt is done, it took 6 weeks but who is counting. I will post pictures later.

Well enough of my rambling...Have a great day!

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