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Friday, December 26, 2008


Here I am the day after Christmas, experiencing a terrific afterglow from a wonderful Holiday. The extra bonus for me this year is the joy I share knowing that so many people received hand made items as gifts, crafted with supplies from my shop. It is quite a thrill!
From boxers to quilts, so many beautiful gift items were shared this Holiday.
Our creative sewing center was Santa's work shop those last hours on Christmas Eve, so the pajama pants could be wrapped and opened that night, the quilt bound and ready to snuggle in, the raggy jacket ready to be given to a very lucky lady, all as a result of Liberty Bell quilts being open.
I look forward to sharing more joy with all of you as you craft items for weddings, new babies, and home decorating .

1 comment:

mamak said...

that was very sentimental. Let's hear about that jacket and skirt you are making.