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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Went to the Big City of Chicago ...

I go to Chicago a few times a year and this is what I normally see as I run to catch my connection. 
My friend and traveling companion Diane.  I hate to merge into other lanes on the expressway (fear of blind spots and crashes).  Diane would tell me when I could safely merge all I had to say was "Mayhem?" (of course I was driving her car, and she wanted to come back in one piece).

A truly great view of the skyline from 90/94 except in real life there were cars everywhere and it was stop and go.  Diane did the driving and Mrs. Garmin did the navigating.

Diane and I attended some mini seminars for quilt shops and even bought some new fabrics home with us.
We are back home in Cedar "watching paint dry"

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