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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Day has come and gone

We started this month out with pleasant weather but goodness, it is quite cold out there (especially if you are like me and don't wear a coat). That is the bonus of living down the alley from the quilt shop. I never have to warm up the car, scrape windows and I only have a 2 minute commute.

Enough about the weather let's discuss what I got in the mail on Monday.

My husband said and I quote " Another sewing machine?". I reply that it is a Hello Kitty Machine. He will never understand. My friend Diane found this Janome on the internet and decided to buy it. I admired (envied) it and ordered my own. Now we are ready for any quilting road trip. Our next project is to make a travel bag for our Hello Kitty's.

Now if I could just focus and do some sewing....ahhhh that would be great!

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