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Saturday, May 16, 2009

May is going fast...

She may be a bit over weight, she sheds hair, she is old, and she loves to kiss. No No not me,(even though I could be described the same way) her name is Millie. My husband and I adopted her from the Cherry Land Humane Society last week. She was there for a year and one week. Future pet owners want the young and cute. I will say they passed up a gem. She was called Kaylee at the pound and we renamed her Millie.

I redid the windows and put banners on the outside. It looks like a party everyday. Hope you will stop in and say Hi. Speaking of party I am off to sew something. I feel inspired.
See you soon,
Your friend Kathy

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ssquilt said...

I visited the shop on Saturday and what a wonderful time I had. I spent the evening admiring my purchases and making a list for my next visit. Keep up the great work ladies.

Gay Bomers